5 Tips to choose a nice bag


Browsing online endlessly for a handbag is often a stressful task. And if you’re not sure what to look for in a bag; you could be setting yourself up for a really frustration chase trying to track down that Gucci bags .you saw on Instagram.

So, regardless of what you’re searching for – a handmade leather bag, simple pouch bag or even a stylish handbag for work – keep in mind, it needs to be practical, pretty, goes well with most of your outfits and feel comfortable.

So, here are five tips that would guide you make the best buying decisions.

1. Choose a handbag with the right shape: shape matters when selecting a bag to go with an outfit. The rule of thumb is: always go for bags that are opposite your body shape.

So, for instance, if you are slim and tall, choose a slouchy, rounded bag. This will add some curves and make you appear fuller.

However, for if you’re shorter or tall with lots of curves consider going for rectangular bags.

2. Select a neutral color you love:  opt for a neutral color when investing in bags. It can be grey, black or green that won’t be too flashy.

These colors are classic and multifaceted colors which can be paired with almost anything. From jeans and a tank top to a little black dress, a neutral handbag can complement so

Many different styles, pieces and personalities. You can also go for handbags in green, metallic, tan and teal. Tan handbags are timeless and can be as versatile as the black color.

The color of the tanned leather is one of the best purchases you will ever make.

3. Choose the right material: This is one of the most vital tips to take note when choosing a handbag because, since bags are expensive, and you won’t be buying them every month, you need to choose materials that are durable and can last longer.

Most bags are made from leather, suede, faux leather & PVC, canvas, coated canvas & fabric, straw & crochet, and nylon.

However, Leather is one of the best materials you can opt for when choosing a handbag because leather is a great fabric that looks better as it grows older.

That is why it is an amazing choice for an investment bag. You can have a leather handbag for years, and it will only get better and better.

4. Choose the right Size that complements your figure: It is important to choose bags that are proportionate to your body size.

You don’t want a handbag that looks and feels oversized; that would be awkward, unsightly and outright unfashionable.

For instance, if you’re short, it needs to be above your hips while if you have a tall, it should end at your waistline. However, you can opt for some middle-sized bags that will match your body type and height.

Handbags are necessary accessories in modern dressing trends and choosing the right-handbag brand, like Gucci bags will make your dressing more fashionable.