Enamel Pins: A More Creative Way to Brand


There has been some time now with this enamel pin trend. And, truth be told, it is here to stay. Enamel pins are the perfect piece of jewelry that your outfit was looking for. Besides, they are cheap and easy to make. What else can you ask for?

From individual to large companies, everybody wants to have a piece of it. Successful business opportunities are open to the world thanks to the versatility of these pins. They are becoming an extension of people’s personalities and therefore super easy to offer and sale.

How to make them and sell them

  1. Find a niche you like

You have to determine if that niche is sustainable and active for your product. Is the audience you are targeting interested in this kind of item?

The audience of your enamel pins is very important. They will determine many f the characteristics of the final product. So, try to match your desires with the ones of the people. This way, you will find yourself doing something you love for some people that appreciate it. Remember that each niche has a set of particular interests. Be sure to study them first.

  1. Create your pin design

After you discover the niche, you need to offer your products. You already knew that you wanted to work with enamel pins. But, what kind of enamel pins is this niche interested in? Once you solve that, you can start designing. There are certain guidelines that you should follow to create great designs and have amazing enamel pins ready for your audience. You can also design an awesome design an awesome pin backing card that goes with the enamel pin and gives a unique touch to it.

Avoid using small letters in your pins, and they will end up blurry. The same happens with fine details. Enamel pins have solid and thick lines, and your image should adapt to it. It is also good to test the color palette you want to use and give clear instructions about it to your manufacturer. The more colors you want to use, the higher the price of your pin. So, if you want to keep it low budget, try to use a reduced palette.

The size of the pin also matters. Big pins are heavier than smaller. This can affect the way they look according to the garment they are set into. If they are meant to be used as jewelry, it is better to stay with smaller options that will have a decent weight.

  1. Materials

Once your designs are ready, it is time to take it to the manufacturer. They can have a solid range of options at your disposal. The most popular options are soft enamel pins and hard enamel pins. They both have advantages and disadvantages and can suit different purposes.¬† Soft pins are great to start with, and they have vibrant colors and textures. The disadvantage here would be that since they are soft, they don’t last very long. On the other hand, hard enamel pins are durable and rugged, but they don’t have such vivid colors as the others. They are also completely flat, with no texture. So, the material you choose depends on the kind of enamel pin you want to have as a final product. According to the design you have, and the audience selected you might need to use one material or the other.

  1. Join social media and do some marketing research

Your product is ready, and you need to hit the market. When you studied your audience, you also had to study how to approach them. According to their age, they are more prone to use one social media than the other. This is something you need to handle. If marketing is not your thing, look for an expert. You can have somebody else do the job, help you or teach you about it.

The market is full of options, so you need to stand out and be ready to look attractive. Remember to point out how you are different from others. That something extra that nobody else is giving is going to be your selling point!