Everything You Should Know About Styling Motorcycle Patches


We have all heard about patches, that are also known as cloth badge and it consists of an embroidered piece of cloth that you can attach to fabric with a sewing machine. On the other hand, modern methods include ironing it into the fabric.

However, when computerized machines entered the market came mass production of iron-on patches. That is the main reason why we see reputable brands using it as the form of presenting vintage fashion and implementing them into the world of style.

They have been invented thousands of years ago,and they were an essential tool for identification for uniformed personnel such as law enforcement and military. If you wish to find the best design for your particular requirements, we recommend you to look for further information here.

In today’s world, they are simple additions by sports teams, government organizations and companies with the idea to denote position, rank and specialized unit. Have in mind that military patches are filled with metaphorical presence based on images and colors on it.

For instance, gold means generosity, white means peace while green and blue means loyalty. Using animals such as elephants, tigers and lions represent courage.

For hundreds of years, patches were worn due to practical reasons such as labeling people in uniform and covering up holes. However, a few decades ago, everything changed.

When Did Patches Become Fashion Trend?

Everything started back in the sixties when young people decided to protest against Vietnam War. The new counterculture appeared,and they opposed and brought new fashion trends among young people. Most of them wore flower headbands, patches,and peace signs.

They were embracing empathy and love, and even though it was an unessential idea, the movement-affected fashion trends all across the globe and also though hippie movements no longer exist, we can still feel its effects on fashion and our society.

Since hippies wanted to get second-hand clothes and military jackets that, they redesigned with cloth patches, with the icons of movements that were both radical and satirical, the punk movement changed the rest and brought patches to an entirely different level.

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The metal head fashion also increased the popularity of patches, because people started wearing leather jackets, long hairs and black clothes and most of them were covered with denim vests that contained dozens of patches of their favorite bands.

This particular type of clothing also affected rocker and biker subcultures as well as other musical subcultures where people enjoyed wearing logos and emblems.

Since then, patches have adapted and revived, and you have to check the prominent fashion brands that are using the vintage style for inspiration so that they can incorporate it into a modern perspective with price tags of few hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

Modern patches are iron on, which means that they feature adhesive on the back so that you can use the iron to imprint it without any additional problem. You can find an item that already features embroidery additions, but it is more creative to do it yourself.

Check this link: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/do-it-yourself to learn what do it yourself represents.

How to Wear Patches?

  • Hippie – When it comes to this particular style, we have mentioned above how it all started and that hippies were the ones that popularized this specific fashion accessory. If you wish to get an authentic and unique look from this counterculture, you should apply patches on both your denim jeans and jackets, but implement sweet designs such as rainbows, lollipops, and sunshine among others.
  • Metal head – If you wish to make a heavy metal look, you should add plenty of patches to denim west and try to wear it over a bend T-shirt and place it on denim jeans or skirt. You can also implement a dog tag necklace and bullet belt so that you can finish the outfit and look amazing.
  • Punk – The implementation of punk looks in modern age could be controversial for others, but you should wear patched black skinniest with the studded vest as well as contrasting unnatural hair color and leopard creepers. You can finish your style by adding leather wrap bracelet and black bandanna.
  • Minimalism – If you are a beginner when it comes to placing patches, and you wish to incorporate it to your particular style, you should use nature motifs such as old tree or ones you like and add it. You can pair it up but have in mind that minimalism states that less is more, so you have to find the perfect one for your fashion style and perspective.
  • Military – When it comes to military jackets, you should implement and apply patches based on strict regulations especially if you want to make it resemble. As military jackets were favorite items of clothing in history, now you will have the ability to apply numerous details that will make it appealing for your fashion style. You should place a single patch on your sleeve and glam it up by using pins and jewels as well as a necklace that will match with other parts as well. You will also be able to add multiple patches on military jacket, but in case that other parts are all black. You have to wear skinny jeans, a black shirt, chain cross-body bag, chunky boots and a pair of shades. The best way to learn more on military fashion is by checking here.
  • Coat or Blazer– You can place a wide array of patches and pins on a navy blazer that you have, and you will make sure that you are both beautiful and strong at the same time. This particular type of jacket will make your outfit and personality shine. If you own a coat, you should add patches but only on casual black one, and finish a look with bandanna¬†or baseball cap.
  • Jeans – One of the most popular ways to wear patches is by adding plenty of them on the ones that you wish to wear. You can also add to your fashion details a leather jacket as well as funky studded bag so that you can put your look together.