How LED Shoes Visually Impact Your Dance Performance


More and more people are fascinated to see how LED shoes have turned a simple dance show into a brilliant light show. Surrounded by a hundred individual light emitting electron tubes and advanced feature motion sensors can make your show not less than magic. It would respond to your body movements as you dance, making your show power packed and entertaining. You can also party hard with your new LED shoes at EDM parties.

Features of LED shoes

Advanced and convenient features


Rechargeable battery, exciting colors and incredible lighting options makes them appealing. These trendy shoes come in different brands. Each of these brands provides a vast functionality and features to its users. Some companies have a clicker stitched into the side of the shoe while others use a small remote device, you can easily control their lighting options and color modes.

Takes your dance show to a new level

The LEDs present in these shoes are designed to enable users to map interactions between sound, light and body movement efficiently. All these three things are effectively controlled with the help of a connected application that performs communication with the shoes using Bluetooth technology.

A person who is wearing such shoes uses the application to program their shoes so that the shoe can precisely respond to the body movements. With the varying movement, speed and orientation of the dancer, lights can be changed along with it. This allows a person to perform various types of performance and expression that give motion.

Senses your leg movement

The nine axis sensors built inside each shoe sole pick up the shoe movements in real time basis. The data thus received by the sensor is then used to control the various types of external devices such as musical instruments. This will enable the LED shoe to function in accordance with the rhythm being played by the musical instruments, foot switches and video game controllers, etc.


Makes the best party outfit

It has been seen that in most of the clubs it is necessary to follow a dress code. When you have a pair of LED shoes, you are all set for the party without requiring any huge preparation. All that you need to do is purchase a pair of these light up shoes and put them on. As the lights turn on with the click of a button, you are ready to stand out from the public!

These light up shoes electronically integrated and programmable shoes are fitted with hundred color and serially controlled light emitting diodes. Their advanced ability motion sensors and wireless Bluetooth modules enhance each and every dance move.