Presenting bobble head – a custom fast picking up


Making a gift is the nice pretext to show love and care, and takes over the scene effortlessly when merely saying ‘Thank You’ or ‘I Love You’ doesn’t hold enough weight. Thus, there is a constant need to revamp the gifts. Custom bobble heads is one such unique addition in the repertoire of gifts that seem to have everlasting impact on the mind of the receiver.

How to select theme for custom bobblehead

 To make the bobble head relevant with the occasion, it is advisable to draw clear picture of the receiver in mind. Which is his favorite sport, how many years he has spent in the present job, how he spends leisure hours are some of the answers that can get a happening idol quite suitable for the person in question.

The next follows the collection of pictures. If you have planned to make bobble head, then picture can make the process simple as well as fast. Here are the types of picture that can easily be converted into a wobbler:

  • Couple photograph
  • Picture of trophy with the winner
  • Pets pictures
  • Man with sports gear
  • Man and woman in wedding dress
  • Man and woman with heart

It is advisable to keep the picture as simple and clear as possible if the occasion is just around; otherwise, a lot of time will be wasted in proofing, making it difficult for the maker to complete the order within deadline. If you need bobblehead as wedding cake toppers, then preparing in advance is really important else the whole show may get spoiled.

Where to get readymade bobbleheads from

A suitable option for the last minute planners is a readymade wobbler. Makers who keep the bobbleheads on retail invest a lot of time in curating the themes that have universal appeal. There are bobbleheads that fit effortlessly in the moment of celebration and are never considered inappropriate. Such wobblers can be found at retail stores.

Presenting bobble

Another option for sourcing readymade wobblers is following the games and events that are promoted through these miniatures. So, if you have a friend who is a great fan of NBL and his birthday falls close to the season, then sports bobblehead based on this tournament theme can be a nice option to make his day special.

A less popular source of getting readymade bobble heads is the secondary market. In the past, it happened that a whole lot of team bobbleheads were to be shoved in the trash as the team got disqualified right before the tournament. The idea gets leaked out and it rules the secondary market. The grey market also keeps record of all the bobbleheads that made history and may come up with the duplicate too. So, if even a copy is good for you, then switch to parallel market.

Bobbleheads are the present trend and are the fitting face of gifts and décor industry. Try these to show to the world your side that is not so easily available.