Stylish Wigs For Women


How Celebrities Change Their Look So Often

If you’re jealous of celebrities who seem to boast a stunning new hairstyle every month, take a leaf out of their book and experiment with wigs.

Wigs are all the rage on the celebrity circuit, with everyone from the Kardashians to pop icons such as Lady Gaga and Katy Perry admitting to loving wigs as they allow them to effortlessly experiment with one look after the other. However, some celebrities also explain that they rely on wigs due to dealing with hair loss. Keira Knightley says “’I have dyed my hair virtually every colour imaginable for different films. It got so bad that my hair literally began to fall out of my head! So, for the past five years I’ve used wigs, which is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to my hair”.

But wigs aren’t just for superstar celebrities, and an increasing number of high street shoppers are happy to experiment with stylish wigs for women either as a solution for hair loss, or just to try out a new hairstyle trend.

A Look To Suit Every Mood

If you’re the type of person that loves to copy the latest hairstyle, then you’ll understand how annoying it is to have to wait for your hair to grow back out before you can chop it in a different direction. But wigs offer versatility like no other type of hair solution – you can have a cute blonde pixie hair cut one month, followed by vibrant red, shoulder-length curls the next.

Alternative To Extensions

Some of you might be wondering why you would bother with wearing a wig when hair extensions also offer so much flexibility. Whilst it’s true that there are many types of extensions available, from clip-ins to bonded glue-in extensions, they’re not always suitable for use if the wearer is experiencing hair loss. If your hair is particularly thin, then the weight of attaching extra hair onto the existing strands can cause damage and weaken the follicle even further. This is where wigs are a superior choice, as they put zero stress on your existing locks, allowing the hair to grow back whilst you’re sporting a new do.

How Natural Do Wigs Look?

Unfortunately, not all wigs are created equal, so it’s essential to shop around for professional wigs for women that look as natural as the real thing. A quality hairpiece begins with a firm but undetectable foundation material that hugs the head whilst being entirely comfortable for the wearer. On top of this, hair matching your specifications will be attached to the base – those that are attached using an expert hand-knotting technique look incredibly natural. There can be up to 70,000 strands of hair attached, which means that your wig will have as much volume as you wish. You can also specify the colour, texture and length of your wig hair, getting it cut and coloured to finish the style off completely.

If you’re buying a wig to wear as a stylish statement piece, then you’ll likely want more than one of them. You can slowly build up a collection to match your every mood and style choice.  But whatever the reason for wanting to wear one, thanks to recent innovations in design, wigs have never looked so natural – it’s time to experiment with your next look!