The Fashion Industry Dislikes Lularoe Prices Because It Steals Competiton


LuLaRoe Prices

In the market for attractive leggings, dresses and t-shirts for women? Look no further than the up and coming clothing line LuLaRoe. Many women are in love with what has been described as a soft, cloud-like product. We are going to take a look at some of their product line and LuLaRoe prices in this article. But first, who is LuLaRoe for?

Who is LuLaRoe?

LuLaRoe is a clothing line designed for women who want to look good but also desire an affordable option in doing so. Their product is meant for average women who work inside the home or out. Women you spend their days juggling family, kids, jobs hobbies, friendships and a myriad of responsibilities in between. This clothing is meant for everyone.

LuLaRoe was created to provide the fashion and comfort that women deserve without putting undo strain on consumers’ wallets. The LuLaRoe product line is designed so you can go from one task to next while feeling comfortable and looking fashionable.

Price range

Here it’s the price point you have been waiting for. It is possible to look goods at a decent price, and LuLaRoe proves it. The average price of one of their pieces is $35. Dresses will run a little higher, and leggings, as well as kid’s sizes, will run you a little less. Let’s get into a little bit of specifics of a few products and look at the LuLaRoe Prices.

LuLaRoe leggings

Leggings were all the rage in the early 60’s. They made a return in the 80’s, and now their popularity is resurfacing once more. From what the fashion enthusiasts have said, LuLaRoe is a big reason why leggings have once more become a must-wear piece in any woman’s closet.

One reason for their popularity is the wide range of prints LuLaRoe offers. Leggings are offered in a multitude of colors, patterns, with designs like floral prints, geometric patterns, block prints and embroideries. From conservative designs to bold, crazy colors and patterns LuLaRoe has something for everyone. The leggings vary in price from $25 to as high as $65.

  • One Size – $25
  • Tall and Curvy – $25
  • Tweens and Kids – $23
  • Jade – $55
  • Jordan – $65

LuLaRoe maxi skirts

With the downturn in the economy over the years, women were looking for affordable clothing options. LuLaRoe answered with their line of Maxi Skirts. These comfortable pieces have earned a spot in many wardrobes and serve as essential part of women’s everyday wear.

One reason for their popularity is look. No matter the size, color, or shape of your body, these skirts bring out your personality and accentuate your looks. Looking amazing is simple in this multi-functional skirt, suitable for any occasion.

  • Azure – $35
  • Cassie – $35
  • Maxi – $42
  • Lola – $46
  • Jill – $55

LuLaRoe Dresses

These dresses are like none other. Manufactured from stretchy t-shirt like material, this line of dresses is one hard not to like. Designed to be an all-day dress you can easily run errands, attend play dates, and lounge around your house without worry as to changing.

Simple enough to be comfortable and sophisticated enough for the office or a fancy night out this line of dresses is the staple of many women’s closets. Let’s not to forget to mention these dresses have hidden pockets.

  • Julia – $45
  • Nicole – $48
  • Carly – $55
  • Ana – $60
  • Amelia – $65