The JesMaHarry Artisan Rings Best Value List



    JesMaHarry’ artisan rings are on its top 5 best selling category. These artisan rings by JesMaHarry are mostly handcrafted composed of different materials like gold, diamonds, gems and other mixed metals. You are reading this content writing if you are simply curious about JesMaharry jewelry, a fanatic of it or perhaps someone who have purchased from them once or twice or maybe thinking of purchasing as a gift for someone or for yourself. Here’s the top 5 best sellers specifically under the artisan rings by JesMaHarry category.

    #1 Knot without you
    A lot are curious about its brand name alone, looks can be deceiving sometimes that others would think that the design is plain and simple, but those who are fanatics of this kind of ring are mostly couples who are buying or ordering this in pair as the ring tied in a known design symbolizes an unbreakable band of two people.

    #2 Shining Sun Ring
    Thing Ring is ideal to those who love jewelry with lucky charms. This is also believed to have some sort of mystical healing powers.

    #3 Azure Sky
    The best selling Sterling silver band with a raised heart have been on the top 3 of their best sellers list due to the fact that the unique designs of sterling silver and availabilities of all ring sizes.

    #4 Kiss of Green
    You have to think twice if you will think of this ring as an expensive value for a price of $590, but once you realized that it was indeed a true emerald with a 14k yellow gold band. Not all emerald and gold are that expensive this as $590 would indeed look a bit cheaper compare to those other emerald jewelry available on other online stores.

    #5 Meditation Ring

    The majority of those who have purchased this ring have loved the perfect combination of rose gold, turquoise and slender design of the ring. Those who are advocates of meditation would surely love having this kind of item for their collection.

    Those are the top 5 best sellers under the artisan rings by JesMaHarry. If you are a collector or a lover of this kind jewelry, there is no need for you to have a second thought on availing any of those on our list. Otherwise, you might also want to consider other listed items on the JesMaharry’ website or have a personal visit at their place perhaps.