What vest to wear underneath a white shirt


Former President of America Barrack Obama is often seen wearing a vest under his white shirt. But for us undershirts don’t matter much, do they?We either wear them or don’t wear them. Probably we don’t give them much though beyond that. If you are planning to try it out and are in a dilemma as to what vest you must wear underneath your white shirt or rather any other color shirts, don’t worry as we will try and help you out with it. The more you learn about men’s undershirts, the more you are going to realize that undershirts can make a lot of difference on how you look and present yourself.

Rules for buying a vest

  1. Your need

Your need shall dictate your style. The major styles that you could consider are crew neck, v neck and tank tops. You must also remember that the prime aim of wearing an undershirt is to absorb sweat and protect your outer shirts. If you are wearing a dress shirt, then opt for crew or v neck to protect your shirts from pits. It is also a general rule that your undershirt or vest shall not peek out from inside and should not be visible to others.

  1. White undershirts or vests

When you go out to shop for vests, you will find a sea of white, since it is a neutral color. Also it is easily bleached which makes it all the more famous. But ironically, white vest is not meant to be worn under white and other light-colored T-shirt. More often, white vests end up showing through white dress shirts, as they do a poor job of matching skin tone. So, we would suggest that you must opt for light gray or flesh-toned undershirt, even though it is a bit difficult to find the color but it is totally worth it. Grey vest blend way better with white shirts when compared with other colors. The other advantage of light gray vest is that it takes longer for wear like armpit stains to appear, and you can easily throw it in with your “darks” while doing laundry.

a white shirt

  1. Fit does matter

You might assume that your vest is a hidden garment and you could wear it of any size. But wait, it is not so. They must be well fitted and shall be long enough to be tucked in comfortably. As far as the fabric is concerned, cotton vest are really good, but then there is no harm in trying blends.

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