Why Loose Diamonds are Best Bought in Hatton Garden


The London district of Hatton Garden is the region perhaps best known for its stores selling loose diamonds and jewellery to customers across the world. Despite the fact that more than 75 per cent of the world’s loose diamonds are sold in the United States, Hatton Gardens is still a magnet for diamond hunters and customers based in North America.

Hatton Garden is a street in the Camden area of north London. It is well known as the jewellery quarter among those who buy and sell in diamonds and other precious stones. The shopping experience is in itself one of the most prolific reasons why people come here from all corners of the world to buy jewellery.

It has been this way since medieval times. The entire district is a wonderful maze of tunnels, side streets, vaults, dead-end corners, cul-de-sacs and diamond workshops that would take you several days to tour and browse around fully.

There are more than 300 company workshops from just about every precious stone specialist business you can care to mention. The world famous De Beers Company are here – naturally, as are many of the global giants in diamond experts and specialists too. Many of the world’s biggest traders and sellers of diamonds are based here. De Beers even has its own headquarters based in the district.

Hatton Garden also boasts a number of high-end apartments, five-star restaurants, chic boutiques and more than a hundred shops where you can buy a ring for a loved one. World famous chef Gordon Ramsey even has one of his signature restaurants in Hatton Garden, so you can shop for loose diamonds to go with that lovely eternity ring and dine in a restaurant where punters regularly travel half way around the world just to eat in.


The high level of service jewellery customers receive from Hatton Garden merchants is another reason why buying loose diamonds, fine cut rings and precious stones is the region of choice among the world’s market.

Hatton Garden is well known to lovers of precious stones as diamond heaven. There is even a company based here with that very name! Rings for eternity, engagement, weddings and just basic diamonds can be bought, sold and seen just about everywhere in this prestigious district of east central London. The area is steeped in a vibrant culture and a deep history with diamonds at its heart.