Most Popular Diamond Ring Designs


Diamonds are a go-to for engagement rings and for good reason. A high-quality diamond is incomparable to anything else. Their ability to catch our attention is unrivalled.

You can get diamonds in all shapes and sizes, however at the moment there are seven shapes specifically that seem to be in high demand; round, princess, pear, oval, emerald, cushion and asscher.

Round diamonds exude the most brilliance which makes their popularity self-explanatory. Best of all, they come in all sizes and are easy to find to accommodate any budget. Round diamonds actually monopolise the market today, with 75% of it being occupied by the in-demand shape. They also come with some of the highest prices that you’ll find today. However, thanks to their brilliance, you can normally go for a lower grade round diamond and their inclusions will be mostly hidden.

Princess diamonds are basically a modern version of their round counterparts. With an inverted pyramid shape, high level of brilliance and affordable cost, it’s hard to question their popularity.

Likewise, with round diamonds, you can normally go for a lower grade as this is a cut that can hide any inclusions with their brilliance.

Pear cut diamonds are a fashion-forward choice, with a higher cost than many of the other shapes, with more facets their brilliance is automatically higher. The higher quality the pear diamonds the smaller the amount of shadow they have.

Oval diamonds are one of the most contemporary of choices, plus their brilliance is normally very high. They didn’t really come into the spotlight until the mid-1900s but have been increasing in popularity ever since. A giveaway for oval diamonds is their bowtie feature which occurs due to their shape and faceting.

Emerald diamonds offer a perfect amount of elegant symmetry, these are often a lot cheaper than any other options as they lack brilliance, but they definitely make up for it in their high level of clarity.

Cushion diamonds are most often square or rectangular with soft, rounded corners. These tend to be a cost-effective choice of diamond. These tend to not be as brilliant as others, but they make up for it in the ‘fire’ department (splashes of colour).

If it’s an Asscher diamond that you’re after, it’s not surprising as to why. They’re durable and faithfully represent true love. The simplicity of the cut will be friendly on the bank balance and their distinct facets still give some glamourous flashes of light.

These are often used as solitary stones; however, they work very well when paired with shoulder stones or pavé rings.

Shopping through the many shapes and styles of rings can be incredibly frustrating, but this process can be sped up entirely once you’ve decided on the shape of the ring.

Tiffany rings specifically have become very popular recently, luckily, they have a vast collection to choose from and there are plenty of reviews of Tiffany engagement rings to check out online.