Which Swimwear Looks Best On Your Body?


We all know there’s no such thing as a ‘bikini body.’ Everyone has a bikini body – you just throw a bikini on and there you go. Everybody deserves to feel confident and gorgeous on the beach, regardless of their body shape or size. To get that confidence you’re aiming for, finding the right swimwear is key. Luckily, there are plenty of different styles to choose from to suit every woman, so it’s easy to find a look to suit any body type. Use this guide to get started, then get shopping.

Apple Shape

Apple-shaped girls don’t actually look much like apples. If you have this body type, you probably have narrow shoulders and hips with a tendency to store body fat in your stomach area. Some women with a figure that’s apple shaped can feel self-conscious about this area of their body – especially if it’s been a while since you’ve seen a gym. Don’t stress or go on some crazy crash diet. It’s easy to cover up your tum – a flattering tankini from a brand like billabong will smooth down your stomach while showing off your best features.

Skinny/Athletic Shape

Call it what you will – slender, sporty, whatever – you know what we mean. Many women mistakenly believe that all girls who’ve been blessed with slim figures were tailor made to feel hot in a bikini. That’s not necessarily true. If you’re self-conscious about your smaller boobs or want to make your slender curves stand out a little more, you can be strategic with your swimwear. Opt for bright patterns and colours to add the appearance of volume.

Hourglass Shape

Most swimwear will probably look killer on you when you’ve got hourglass proportions, but you can make the most of those curves with a classic-style bikini and a retro print. Go for a one-piece with polka dots or a bright colour and a halter-neck if you want to go full-vintage, or bare it all in a sexy two-piece. If you do wear a bikini, opt for an underwire style top so your boobs have all the support and none of the sag.

Pear Shape

You’ve got multiple options for flattering a pear shaped body type, depending on which feature you feel most confident about when it comes to your own body image. Some girls love to show off a curvy bum and hips, while others would rather highlight their slimmer upper body. If you want to tone things down, choose a dark, muted shade for your bikini bottoms and wear a tankini or bikini top with a bright pattern that’ll draw the eyes up. If you want all eyes on the assets, the high-waisted bikini bottoms with a push-up style bikini top will give you that Kardashian curve look.

The Super Self-Conscious Shape

If you’re the type of girl who likes to keep things modest and cover up on the beach, or if you’re just really not feeling comfortable in your body right now, that’s okay. We all have our moments. Choose a colourful, comfortable kaftan or sundress and throw it over a flattering one-piece so you can cover up when you feel like it and then strip down for a quick splash in the sea when you’re ready. No shame – the most important thing is to have swim fun.